Antoninus Pius Mask Cast


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Antoninus Pius was Roman emperor from 138 to 161. He was the fourth of the Five Good Emperors from the Nerva–Antonine dynasty. Born into a senatorial family, Antoninus held various offices during the reign of Emperor Hadrian.

Our Tutors Say

Difficulty: Intermediate

This cast, like the ‘Agrippa’ cast, is useful to a drawing student to reach a sound understanding of the large plane surfaces that constitute the human head, but adds the increased complexity of finely modelled facial hair, animating the surface of the sculpture.


The cast is made of jesmonite, which is a product that combines natural raw materials and water based pure acrylic polymers. The jesmonite is carefully applied by hand to the mould in layers. Shredded glass fibres are then added to increase strength without adding bulk or thickness.

The combination of the materials and process used to produce the casts, means that they are far more durable, lightweight, tough and easier to clean, compared to casts made from plaster of paris.

Size: 30cm (H) x 24cm (W) x 12cm (D)

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