Aggripa Mask Cast


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This cast is a mask taken from a bust of Agrippa, general and son-in-law of the emperor Augustus.

Our Tutors Say

Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate

The surface of the cast of Agrippa is uncluttered by superfluous detail, resulting in a powerfully modelled rendition, useful to a drawing student to reach a sound understanding of the large plane surfaces that constitute the human head. 


Size: 37cm (H) x 25cm (W) x 16cm (D)


Agrippa assisted Augustus in making Rome "a city of marble" and renovating aqueducts to give all Romans, of every social class, access to the highest quality services. He was responsible for the creation of many baths, porticoes and gardens, as well as the original Pantheon.

Several statues were erected in honour of Agrippa, and may have been the inspiration for this sculpture. It is suggested, in particular, that the large bronze statues of Agrippa erected in the Roman Pantheon (circa 25 BC) is the most likely inspiration. 

The sculpture (circa 25-24 BC) is a Roman copy of a lost original, and is currently held in the Louvre, Paris. 

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