Depicting Masculinity and Feminity

Posted by James Napier on

In depicting 'masculinity' and 'femininity' as we have described it, probably the most powerful idea lies in the relationship between the shoulder width and the width of the hips, and the general graphic shape of the torso created by this relationship. Men tend to develop broader ribcages and smaller hips, creating a clear triangular tapering towards the hips. This relationship can be accentuated by the powerful muscles of the shoulder pushing the top edge of the triangle even wider. In women, we generally find the reserve relationship. The female form will generally be composed of larger hips and a smaller ribcage, forming a more pyramidal shape which tapers towards the top. Female hips also tend to become wider for childbirth. This added to the fact that women tend to carry less muscular mass than men generally further accentuates this relationship. #tutorialtuesday